Lebanon seeks co-operation with Saudi Arabia

Lebanon seeks co-operation with Saudi Arabia, President Michel Aoun told Saudi television on Tuesday (January 10th), after a tense year in relations between the two countries, AFP reported.

Aoun arrived in Riyadh on Monday night with a delegation of ministers.

It is his first trip to the kingdom since his election in November ended a two-year deadlock between the various blocs in the Lebanese parliament.

In an interview with Saudi state news channel al-Ekhbaria, Aoun said his ministers of foreign affairs, education, finance and information would meet their counterparts "to find some fields of cooperation".

Aoun himself held talks over lunch on Tuesday with King Salman, but the official Saudi Press Agency gave no details of their content.

Aoun told the Saudi channel that Lebanon's partners "have agreed to build Lebanon, regardless of the results in the other countries, because building Lebanon is for all, and secondly, security and stability is for all".

He said his country's internal political situation has improved, and expressed confidence that "balance" can be maintained.

"The state must realise, and maintain, security and stability for individuals and groups even if there are different political visions regarding neighbouring and regional countries," Aoun said.

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