1. Crime & Justice

    Beirut-Damascus highway munitions truck incident ignites anger against Hizbullah

  2. Crime & Justice

    Suspected AQAP attack kills Security Belt Forces commander in southern Yemen

  3. Security

    II MEF: a distinguished combat history in Iraq, Afghanistan

How will a Russian Black Sea grain deal cancelation affect the world?



  1. Politics

    Cash-strapped Syrian regime hawks national airport to Iran-linked front company

  2. Politics

    Sahel leaders concerned Niger coup threatens region, opens door for Russian influence

  3. Crime & Justice

    Dark era of Iranian media palpable on country's National Journalists' Day

  4. Human Rights

    Cash transfers benefit 1.5 million Yemeni families

  5. Security

    F-16s to play key role in deterring Iranian aggression in Gulf

  6. Politics

    US bars 14 Iraqi banks in crackdown on Iran dollar trade

  1. Crime & Justice

    Syrian 'shabiha' militia suspect arrested in Germany, accused of war crimes

  2. Crime & Justice

    Syrian Democratic Forces pursue ISIS remnants in north, east Syria

  3. Crime & Justice

    Disabled survivors of Beirut port blast still waiting for support, justice

  1. Crime & Justice

    Beirut port makes solid comeback after 2020 blast

  2. Security

    Iran's 'absurd' Gulf naval alliance fails to gain traction

  3. Terrorism

    UK recognises ISIS 'acts of genocide' against Yazidis

  4. Security

    US Marine Corps: custom-designed to seize naval bases ahead of land campaign

  5. Security

    Egypt's army plays key role in stabilising Africa, Middle East

  6. Politics

    Russian withdrawal from grain deal puts Africa at risk of increased food insecurity

  7. Refugees

    Syrian regime stalls on refugee return despite normalisation

  8. Security

    Capabilities of F-22 Raptor extend well beyond air-to-air combat

  9. Security

    Sukhoi Su-34 proves to be ineffective tool for Russian air force

  10. Crime & Justice

    Iraq grapples with burgeoning illicit drug crisis

  11. Analysis

    Russia fails to deliver Su-35s to Iran, triggering speculation over health of alliance

  12. Economy

    Iraq's Grand al-Faw Port has game-changing potential, despite delays

  13. Terrorism

    Iraq nabs suspect in ISIS Camp Speicher massacre of 2014

  14. Science Technology

    Superior pilot training sets F-35A fighter ahead of competition

  15. Security

    Houthi sea mines drift towards Red Sea shipping lanes