1. Terrorism

    US sanctions 5 Turkey-based al-Qaeda facilitators

  2. Women's Rights

    Iranian guards ordered female IAEA inspectors to remove clothing

  3. Energy

    Iraqis welcome energy development contract with French firm

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  1. Diplomacy

    Experts eye Israel normalisation accords as means to counter Iranian threats

  2. Analysis

    Tehran's mismanagement, misplaced priorities fuel growing domestic unrest

  3. Security

    Spanish port off Gibraltar projects US naval power across regions

  4. Education

    Classrooms without windows for Yemen's beleaguered students in Taez

  5. Security

    Houthis destroy humanitarian aid meant to alleviate crisis in Yemen

  6. Security

    IAEA says nuclear material found at 4 locations inside Iran

  1. Security

    Drone attack on Erbil airport follows familiar pattern of Iran-backed militias

  2. Protests

    Lebanese protest movement continues to rail against Hizbullah

  3. Security

    US Navy launches drone task force amid Iran tensions

  1. Security

    Updated US missile ships poised to strike deep into enemy territory

  2. Terrorism

    IRGC establishes new drone attack training base in Iraqi desert

  3. Security

    US authorises nearly $50 million in new support for Lebanese army

  4. Security

    Elite US and UK aircraft operate together on largest 5th-generation carrier

  5. Analysis

    Despite historic agreement, Iran not China's preferred regional partner

  6. Politics

    Nuclear monitoring in Iran 'seriously undermined' by inspection suspension

  7. Security

    F-35s, upgraded Tomahawks bring new capabilities to US strike group

  8. Politics

    Hizbullah's traditional base grows angry with its lawmakers

  9. Crime & Justice

    'Not safe': Returnees to Syria subjected to regime rape, torture and abuse

  10. Crime & Justice

    US condemns Houthi missile barrage targeting Saudi Arabia

  11. Crime & Justice

    Yemeni court sentences Houthi leader, Iranian ambassador to death

  12. Politics

    Yemeni officials call for fresh efforts to curb Houthis' backers

  13. Science Technology

    Hundreds of fake social media profiles discovered pushing China propaganda

  14. Crime & Justice

    Chinese 'black site' in Dubai points to Beijing's expanding crackdown

  15. Security

    SDF, international coalition hunt down ISIS elements in Syria's Deir Ezzor