Jordan urges international community to shoulder burden of refugees

Jordan has hosted Syrian refugees and spared no effort in providing them with services and care, in alignment with the kingdom’s values and traditions, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said Wednesday (September 25th) according to the Jordan Times.

"The kingdom’s righteous actions align with its values despite difficult economic conditions and require the international community to do what is right as well," Safadi said.

The international community must assist the kingdom as it shoulders the burdens of the refugee crisis and its repercussions, he said, "which have posed high costs and pressures on the education and health sectors, among others, as well as the infrastructure and labour market".

During a conference on the issue of refugees, organised by the EU and the UN on the sidelines of the General Assembly meetings in New York, Safadi expressed appreciation to the EU, UN and the international community for their aid to Jordan as it continues to face the refugee crisis.

However, at its current level, this support only covers a "small portion" of the costs incurred by Jordan, he said.

The minister stressed the need for a political resolution to the Syrian crisis that is accepted by the Syrian people, maintains the country’s unity and stability, restores its security, achieves national reconciliation and sets the stage for the voluntary return of refugees.

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