1. Security

    Saudi, US forces conduct joint drills to safeguard skies from drone attacks

  2. Terrorism

    Officials point to suspected alliance between al-Qaeda and the Houthis

  3. Analysis

    Gas crisis exposes Hizbullah's fading appeal among Lebanese Shia

Is Iran directly responsible for the militia attacks in Iraq?



  1. Security

    While Russia further entrenches in Syria, Iran is slowly being edged out

  2. Religion

    Economic anguish, depreciating currency rob Yemenis of Eid al-Adha joy

  3. Terrorism

    Iraq in mourning after ISIS suicide bombing on eve of Eid al-Adha

  4. Health

    WHO chief urges transparency from China in COVID origin investigation

  5. Crime & Justice

    After arrest of al-Hashemi murder suspects, Iraqis demand end of impunity

  6. Security

    Yemeni officials welcome reinstated US military support

  1. Energy

    Hizbullah smuggles fuel to Syria as Lebanese queue for gas

  2. Human Rights

    Iran's Baluch minority neglected amid 'coronavirus tsunami'

  3. Security

    Facebook blocks Iran-based spies who targeted US defence workers

  1. Crime & Justice

    Iranian arms smuggling fuels chaos in Yemen and beyond

  2. Health

    US sends half million COVID vaccines to Jordan

  3. Crime & Justice

    UN demands accountability over Syria mass disappearances

  4. Security

    Asaib Ahl al-Haq: a tool for the IRGC's agenda in Iraq

  5. Analysis

    The great coverup: how China tried to trick the world about COVID-19

  6. Crime & Justice

    Militias fall from grace in Iraq amid violence, intimidation

  7. Politics

    Deadly infighting escalates among Houthi factions vying for power

  8. Economy

    Observers warn of Iran's 'predatory' influence on Syrian economy

  9. Politics

    Lebanese look to May 2022 elections as key chance for change

  10. Energy

    Iran undermines regional oil industry while failing to invest in its own

  11. Security

    US, Saudi forces conclude Falcon Claw drills aimed at combat readiness

  12. Crime & Justice

    Drug busts expose Hizbullah's attempts to undermine Saudi Arabia

  13. Security

    Iran-aligned militias attack targets in both Iraq and Syria

  14. Crime & Justice

    Houthis continue to loot homes, seize property of opponents

  15. Analysis

    Protests, strikes rock Iran as blackouts, economic woes worsen