1. Human Rights

    UN seeks to raise $4 billion to fund Yemen's Humanitarian Response Plan

  2. Security

    US military stresses partner nation relationships as key to Gulf security

  3. Security

    Yemen urges end to Iranian arms smuggling to Houthis

  1. Security

    Houthi operations turn coast off Yemen into a minefield

  2. Crime & Justice

    Germany convicts Syrian in landmark torture trial

  3. Crime & Justice

    New Iraqi front group threatens Gulf States under direction of Tehran

  4. Security

    US vows to hold Iran responsible for actions of its Iraqi militias

  5. Diplomacy

    Iran warned against provocation as temporary deal hashed out with IAEA

  6. Human Rights

    China deems Xinjiang rape, abuses as 'shining examples' of progress

  1. Security

    Wary of Iran's influence, Sistani supports integrating PMF into security forces

  2. Security

    Hollowed out Syrian army unable to act independently from Russia, Iran

  3. Crime & Justice

    'Cyber army' paves way for assassinations of Iraqi activists opposed to Iran

  1. Diplomacy

    US, EU powers warn Iran against 'dangerous' inspections limit

  2. Diplomacy

    Appointment of new US envoy brings hopes for peace to Yemen conflict

  3. Security

    US Navy seizes illicit arms shipments off Somali coast

  4. Security

    Illegal drugs worth $15 million seized in Arabian Sea

  5. Crime & Justice

    Lokman Slim's family: 'We know who killed him'

  6. Security

    Divisions inside Iran in the open as armed forces slam intelligence chief

  7. Security

    Iran, Russia conduct joint naval drills amid nuclear deal standoff

  8. Terrorism

    Has ISIS returned to Lebanon?

  9. Security

    Pro-Iran front group claims deadly rocket attack in Erbil

  10. Diplomacy

    Support for Lebanon wanes as Hizbullah remains at table

  11. Security

    Indebted ISIS fighters in eastern Syria forced into banditry

  12. Crime & Justice

    Combined Maritime Forces intercept record quantities of illicit drugs

  13. Human Rights

    Muslim women recount China's campaign of systematic rape in Xinjiang

  14. Security

    Hizbullah defector details Iranian weapons shipments via Beirut airport

  15. Security

    Locals report major increase in IRGC militia activity in eastern Syria