1. Crime & Justice

    IRGC officer in rare Iran assassination was active in Iraq, Syria

  2. Human Rights

    Displaced Syrian children bear brunt of war's psychological, physical impact

  3. Security

    Ukraine debacle debunks myth of 'invincible' Russian weaponry

Has a Russian mercenary group tried to recruit you or anyone you know?



  1. Crime & Justice

    Tensions brew in Syria's Palmyra as IRGC cashes in on Russia's distraction

  2. Crime & Justice

    Yemen officials accuse Houthis of fabricating fuel crisis

  3. Security

    Spider in the centre: Iran's web of drone manufacturing and regional chaos

  4. Crime & Justice

    Iranian crew in custody after $39 million drug haul seized from fishing vessel

  5. Crime & Justice

    Al-Assad's presidential pardons 'farcical', Syrians say

  6. Security

    $17 million in illegal drugs seized from vessel in Gulf of Oman

  1. Security

    Russian T-72 tank losses in Ukraine bode ill for Iran's tank force

  2. Security

    Help from China, Russia cannot save Iran from concentrated air strikes

  3. Crime & Justice

    Rampant crime in Hizbullah's strongholds causes public angst

  1. Refugees

    Islamic scholars deem Iran's treatment of Afghans 'un-Islamic, inhumane'

  2. Terrorism

    5 Egyptian soldiers killed in 2nd Sinai attack

  3. Politics

    Split government in Yemen makes peace difficult but not impossible

  4. Crime & Justice

    Iran's proxies traffic drugs across the region to raise funds

  5. Crime & Justice

    Proliferation of Iranian drones inside Iraq threatens Baghdad and region

  6. Crime & Justice

    Khamenei lauds al-Assad as new war crimes come to light

  7. Crime & Justice

    ISIS child recruitment network enablers slapped with US sanctions

  8. Human Rights

    Donors pledge $6.7 billion for Syria under shadow of Ukraine war

  9. Crime & Justice

    Hizbullah commandeers aid meant for Lebanese public

  10. Analysis

    IRGC promotes, rewards most radical elements

  11. Terrorism

    Egypt mourns 11 soldiers killed in ISIS Sinai attack, vows to continue fight

  12. Human Rights

    Houthis' pledge to phase out child soldiers met with scepticism

  13. Crime & Justice

    Growing protests in Iran are met with regime's mainstay tactic: repression

  14. Security

    Torture, rape and executions: Russian mercenary tactics around the world

  15. Economy

    Iran, Russia face another consequence of pariah status: no spare parts