1. Diplomacy

    China pledges 'unconditional' support for Taliban while Afghans lose freedoms

  2. Security

    Iraq launches campaign to secure archaeological sites in Dhi Qar

  3. Refugees

    Afghan evacuation, joint exercise highlight strength of US-Qatar partnership

Do you think the Iranian regime will formally recognise the Taliban?



  1. Diplomacy

    US to donate another 500 million COVID vaccine doses, totalling over 1 billion

  2. Terrorism

    Asaib Ahl al-Haq defiance exposes escalating conflict among Iraqi militias

  3. Human Rights

    US, EU step up Yemen aid with $600 million pledge at UN event

  4. Terrorism

    Houthi barbarity smooths path for al-Qaeda resurgence in Yemen

  5. Crime & Justice

    US sanctions on Omani businessman highlight Iran's illegal oil sales

  6. Security

    'Bright Star' military exercise reinforces Middle East stability amid tensions

  1. Terrorism

    Al-Qaeda will seek to regroup under Taliban's mantle, experts warn

  2. Economy

    Iran's economic inroads into Lebanon spark fears of repercussions

  3. Crime & Justice

    Houthis bombard civilian homes in Marib with missiles and drones

  1. Security

    Arab coalition thwarts Houthi drone boat attack on Red Sea port

  2. Security

    2 al-Qaeda linked commanders killed in Syria

  3. Human Rights

    Houthis' 'cold-blooded' executions draw international ire

  4. Religion

    Once an ISIS prison, Mosul church gets new bell cast in Lebanon

  5. Terrorism

    US sanctions Hizbullah-linked financial networks supporting terrorism

  6. Security

    Heavily defended Iranian missile base vulnerable to US precision weapons

  7. Energy

    Lebanese lash out at Hizbullah over Iran tanker escort spectacle

  8. Human Rights

    Amnesty slams 'climate of impunity' over Iran prison deaths

  9. Politics

    Qatar offers vital mediation, support to Afghan people

  10. Terrorism

    US sanctions 5 Turkey-based al-Qaeda facilitators

  11. Women's Rights

    Iranian guards ordered female IAEA inspectors to remove clothing

  12. Energy

    Iraqis welcome energy development contract with French firm

  13. Diplomacy

    Experts eye Israel normalisation accords as means to counter Iranian threats

  14. Analysis

    Tehran's mismanagement, misplaced priorities fuel growing domestic unrest

  15. Security

    Spanish port off Gibraltar projects US naval power across regions