Egypt, US discuss co-operation against terrorism

Egyptian and US officials on Thursday (August 8th) affirmed the importance of boosting joint anti-terrorism efforts, in light of profound strategic relations between the two countries, Ahram Online reported.

A meeting between the head of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee MP Karim Darwish and the US co-ordinator for counter-terrorism Nathan Sales tackled Egypt-US co-operation against terrorism.

Egypt has adopted a multi-dimension comprehensive strategy to counter terrorism, Darwish said, noting the achievements that have been made in fighting terrorism at the military and security levels.

Darwish shed light on the role Egypt's religious institutions played in combating extremist ideologies.

Egypt's counter terrorism strategy is mainly based on countering terrorism through encouraging development, creating job opportunities and promoting economic and social rights for refugees living in the country, he said.

Egypt has been spearheading efforts to reach settlement to regional crises and realise stability and security, he said.

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