Lebanese forces detain ISIS militant planning to join group in Syria

Lebanon's Internal Security Forces (ISF) have arrested a Lebanese-Australian suspect for his links to the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS), local media reported on Thursday (November 2nd).

The ISF arrested an individual only identified by his initials A.M., for his affiliation with ISIS and his attempt to travel to Syria to join the group's ranks, the ISF said in a statement.

Investigations have shown that the suspect had resided in Sydney for several years and embraced extremist ideology by following the publications and videos of the extremist group via the internet.

He arrived in Lebanon on August 20th with plans to move later to Syria and join the group, the statement said.

He used Lebanon as a conduit to be able to obtain his passport from Australian authorities and a travel permit to leave Australia without drawing attention, it said.

After his arrival in Lebanon, he continued to communicate with members of ISIS in Syria via the internet, the statement said, adding that he was linked to an ISIS co-ordinator in one of the neighbouring countries.

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