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Arab Parliament condemns Iran’s support of Houthis

By Nabil Abdullah al-Tamimi in Aden


Yemeni children accompanied by their fathers hold weapons during a gathering in Sanaa to show support for the Houthis in Sanaa on September 27th, 2018. The Arab Parliament on October 3rd has called for urgent measures against the Houthis’ forced recruitment of children in Yemen, saying the militia has been using them as fuel in their war against the country's legitimate authority. [Mohammed Huwais/AFP]

The Arab Parliament on Wednesday (October 3rd) condemned Iran’s intervention in Yemen through its support to the Houthis (Ansarallah), which also has posed a threat to neighbouring countries, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Meeting this week in Cairo, the Arab Parliament also stressed the need to support Yemen’s government, and to support the government and the Arab coalition in their efforts to restore legitimacy to the country.

The body, comprised of representatives of Arab League member states, also urged Arab institutions to work to establish security and peace in Yemen.

"Houthis present daily new evidence of their unwillingness to engage in any serious efforts to resolve the Yemeni crisis peacefully," the Arab Parliament said in a Wednesday statement.

This is evidenced by the militia's failure to attend the recent UN-backed peace talks in Geneva on September 6th, the statement said.

The Arab Parliament's statement also held the Houthis responsible for the continued suffering of the Yemeni people, saying their actions constitute "a threat to regional and international security".

The statement also urged the UN to take decisive and urgent measures against the Houthis’ forced recruitment of children in Yemen, saying the militia has been using them "as fuel in their futile war against the country's legitimate authority".

It also called on the UN to use all possible measures to prevent the Houthis from using government institutions, schools and hospitals as weapons storage depots, and from looting relief and humanitarian assistance.

It reiterated the need for the UN to oversee the distribution of relief assistance.

Threats to international navigation

The Arab Parliament also condemned the Houthis for their use of sea mines and booby-trapped boats, and for targeting oil tankers in the Red Sea.

"This is an act of terror and a dangerous threat to international peace and security, as it compounds security threats in this important strategic region," the statement said.

"This requires a unified stance from the international community to confront and deter this dangerous behaviour," it added.

Yemen's Deputy Human Rights Minister Nabil Abdul Hafiz denounced the Houthis' violations, both inside and outside the country, which includes the militia's continued firing of ballistic missiles at Saudi Arabia.

"Neighbouring countries are suffering because of Iran’s support to the Houthis with weapons, money and training, and targeting international navigation," he told Al-Mashareq.

Abdul Hafiz said he supports the Arab Parliament’s stance, and urged the international community and UN Security Council to take the necessary steps to stop Iran’s support to the Houthis and interference in Yemen's internal affairs.

This will enhance the security and stability of Yemen and of the region as a whole, he added.

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Houthis are Yemenis and they’re the only ones in Yemen who established security in areas under their control. Arabs should have condemned the Arab coalition which is killing and besieging Yemenis. God suffices us and He is the best disposer of affairs! The pious will be rewarded!


It’s Houthis who stopped employees’ pensions. It’s Houthis who caused the crisis in the country. It’s Houthis who used houses of worship as weapons caches. It’s Houthis who used schools as military barracks and homes for them. It’s them who don’t practice what they preach.


Yemeni children have carried weapons under the state of Ali Abdullah Saleh, and even before that. This is a weak pretext. Where’s the news on the coalition killing Yemen’s children?


O, God, give victory to Yemen!


Yemenis are prepared to fight one generation after the other. We raise up children into carrying weapons.


Is the Arab parliament elected or appointed?


By the God of the East and West, we can replace you with your likes, and transform you into what you do not know. God Almighty has spoken the truth. Expect that, o, animals of the Gulf!


May God rid us of the lowly Arab barrel which allowed the Saudi-UAE terrorism to kill the people of Yemen in the south and north in the name of returning fake hopes! I condemn your silence and ugliness, o, you, shoes of America and Israel.


I want to know why they should interfere in Arabs' affairs.


Long live Salman! Long live Salman, our King! The entire people say long live Salman!


Excellent article.