Iran claims it has seized a third foreign ship

Iran on Sunday (August 4th) announced it had seized a foreign tanker in the Gulf, AFP reported.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said it had seized the ship around Farsi Island, claiming it was carrying around 700,000 litres of smuggled fuel, according to IRNA news agency.

Seven foreign crew were arrested in the operation carried out on Wednesday night, according to IRGC-aligned Fars news agency.

The seizure of the latest tanker would be the third by Iran in less than a month in Gulf waters -- a conduit for much of the world's crude oil.

The identity of the latest vessel seized and the nationality of its crew had not yet been revealed on Sunday.

But British officials later said all British-flagged vessels had been accounted for, and that there was no suggestion that any British nationals were among the crew.

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