Lebanese armed forces celebrate 74th Army Day

The Lebanese Armed Forces celebrated the 74th Army Day on Thursday (August 1st) with a military parade and a graduation ceremony for 269 new Lebanese officer cadets at the Shukri Ghanem barracks in Fayadyeh.

In a speech delivered on the occasion, President Michel Aoun said that regardless of the economic and political crises the country might face, the security of the nation remains paramount, the Arab News reported.

He described it as a "red line", saying any attempt to interfere with it will not be tolerated.

Aoun said regardless of the crises that have emerged through the years, the Lebanese Army has always risen above personal interests and conflicts to protect the country.

He highlighted the "army’s achievements, where it liberated the northern and eastern outskirts from terrorism, and managed, along with the security forces, and through successful and pre-emptive operations, to eradicate most of the terrorist sleeper cells and block their movement".

"The Lebanese people deserve to live in security and to practice their rights freely and fearlessly in any of Lebanon’s regions," he said.

UN Special Co-ordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis stressed "the UN and the international community’s commitment to continue supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces".

This year's graduating class included 166 army officers, 90 Internal Security Forces members, 11 General Security members and two customs officers.

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