Jordan celebrates Abdullah’s accession, Army Day

Jordan on Sunday (June 9th) celebrated the 20th anniversary of King Abdullah’s accession to the throne, the Jordan Times reported.

The Royal Jordanian Air Force held fly-bys on Sunday to mark the occasion, traversing the skies over the kingdom’s main cities.

Celebrations were held at King Hussein Park and the Roman Theatre in Amman, as well as at other locations throughout the kingdom, the Jordanian news agency, Petra, reported.

Since his accession on June 9th, 1999, Abdullah has embarked on comprehensive democratic reform in the kingdom.

He has focused on improving Jordan’s capabilities as a modern country, emphasising investment in the kingdom’s human resources and innovation as a means to combat the nationwide shortage of natural resources.

Under his leadership, Jordan is working towards a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East and is part of an international coalition to fight terrorism.

Throughout the past 20 years, the king has carried the banner of tolerance and co-existence, launching the "Amman Message" to portray the true essence of Islam, which is based on moderation and rejection of extremism.

Also on Sunday, Jordan celebrated the anniversary of the Great Arab Revolt, which led to the establishment of the modern Kingdom of Jordan.

The Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army was established in Maan shortly after the founding of the Jordanian state in 1921.

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