Yemen journalist killed in suspected Houthi shelling

A Yemeni photographer and videographer who contributed to AFP, Abdullah al-Qadry, was killed in shelling on Friday (April 13th), AFP reported.

Al-Qadry died while on assignment for Yemen's Belqees television, the station said. A security source said the Iran-backed Houthis (Ansarallah) were behind the shelling.

Three other journalists also were wounded in the shelling of Qaniyah, near the border between Marib and al-Bayda provinces in the centre of the country.

Al-Qadry died from a shrapnel wound to the neck, according to a doctor at the hospital to which he was evacuated.

A journalist in his thirties, he had been married for a year and had one child.

Journalists who worked with al-Qadry praised his courage and determination.

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