32 killed in Yemen Red Sea port clashes

Thirty-two combatants from both sides of Yemen's conflict were killed Wednesday (February 8th) in the battle for the key Red Sea coastal town of Mokha, AFP reported.

The deaths occurred as forces loyal to President Abd Rabbu Masnour Hadi advanced into neighbourhoods of Mokha and the Houthis (Ansarallah) retreated to northern and western parts of the town, military sources said.

Pro-Hadi forces backed by the coalition entered the port town in late January as part of their efforts to drive the Iran-backed Houthis away from the Red Sea coastline overlooking the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait.

The clashes on Wednesday left dead 24 Houthis, including 12 whose bodies were taken to a hospital in Mokha, medical officials said.

The other 12 were Houthis whose remains were found by advancing troops and later buried in Mokha, a Yemeni military official said.

Eight soldiers from the Yemeni forces were killed, military and medical officials said.

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We don’t know when the fighting between Yemenis will end, or when this war which is destructive to humans, trees and stones will end. We seek refuge in Allah. All indicators show that the situation is tragic in Yemen, and that the vast majority of Yemenis are in a very bad condition, and that the future is bleak. Where is wisdom, on son of faith and wisdom??? We hope that the wise will interfere and rescue the country from total collapse, Allah forbid. We all hope that fitna will be put out, Allah willing. We have faith in the hadith of our honest Prophet in which he said that if there was fitna, you have to go to Yemen where it will be put out. We pray to Allah that He will bring Yemenis together and relieve them and keep them well. Allah is capable of everything and answers prayers.