Al-Qaeda attacks checkpoint in Yemen's Abyan

By Nabil Abdullah al-Tamimi in Aden


Yemeni tribesmen from the pro-government Popular Resistance Committees stop cars at a makeshift security checkpoint along a desert road in Shabwa province's Beihan district on December 18th, 2017. [Abdullah al-Qadry/AFP] 

Al-Qaeda elements on Tuesday (August 28th) attacked a security checkpoint in Abyan province, killing five members of the UAE-backed Security Belt forces and wounding two others, a local official said.

The attack took place late Tuesday in the southern province's Ahwar district.

"Al-Qaeda militants used machine guns in attacking soldiers of the Security Belt checkpoint in al-Mahsama, Ahwar district, killing five soldiers and seriously wounding two others," Ahwar district mayor Yaslam Bouset told Al-Mashareq.

"The attack came as a surprise," he said, noting that it has been some time since al-Qaeda last staged an attack in the district.

"I think the attack was in response to raids and arrests carried out by the Security Belt forces against al-Qaeda elements, the last of which was in al-Mahfad district this August," he said.

Al-Qaeda elements exploited a perceived lack of co-ordination between Security Belt forces and Yemeni forces operating in the area to stage the attack, he said.

Checkpoint attack in Lawdar district

In Abyan's Lawdar district, suspected al-Qaeda elements on Wednesday evening attacked a security checkpoint in al-Ain, local media reported.

Militants fired a barrage of bullets on al-Qarnain checkpoint, prompting clashes between the two sides. However, the final death toll is yet to be known, reports said.

Lawdar security chief Col. Mohammed Homsan al-Awdhali on August 20th survived an assassination attempt when suspected al-Qaeda gunmen opened fire on his motorcade as it passed through Shohat intersection, east of the district.

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O, people, fear God! Unite! We’re brothers and Muslims. Don’t divide yourselves into parties. Let not everyone of you think they’re right. If you were right, you would be victorious because God gives victory to truth only. However, none of you are right. Don’t let God’s wrath befall you! Learn from the former nations. God has sanctioned jihad only for the elevation of His word and religion. Fighting shouldn’t be for states, land or wealth. If any party of you is right, let them look for peaceful solutions. Let’s be one Muslim nation, and let our target be Israel and Beit al-Maqdes. However, you’re looking only for your own gains. All parties are after gains and your loyalty is for others and not God. You’re fighting for a state not for Islam. Houthis, Resistance, Movement and al-Qaeda will regret when they know that all that happened was planned by the West to weaken the Arab armies and occupy Arab land coldly. I pray to God to get you back to His Book and make you think about His Words and consider the Quran so you may know whether what you’re doing is permitted or not. You’re misguided and you won’t be punished under the law, state or constitution; rather, your punishment will be from God for the commotion you created and blood you spilled. This is whether you or the Shia Athnā‘ashariyyah who lie in the name of religion. I swear by God that God will exact the rights of those who were affected or displaced and can’t find their daily bread. Fear God!


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