Russian intervention fails to protect Idlib's civilians

The ceasefire Russia negotiated in Idlib, along with Turkey, has facilitated Tahrir al-Sham's consolidation of influence and territory.

Saudi forces nab attackers in Eastern Province

Two 'wanted terrorists' were killed and two were arrested during an incident in which the militants commandeered a gasoline tanker truck.

Qatar, US demonstrate rapid artillery system deployment

The drill included training on a mobile multiple-launch rocket system that can be transported on ground and aboard military aircraft.

Al-Qaeda arms cache seized in Yemen's Khanfar district

Security Belt and Rapid Intervention forces found a cache of weapons, ammunition and explosives in the al-Khabar area of Khanfar district.

Yemenis call for war on extremists in al-Bayda

Yemeni and Arab coalition forces must wage a war on al-Qaeda and ISIS in al-Bayda province and prevent them from carrying out attacks, Yemenis say.

Next generation F-35As to reinforce defence of US partner nations worldwide

The deployment of the fighter to the Middle East comes amid moves by certain countries to destabilise the international system.

Lebanese army's diversity strengthens national unity

The more than 70,000 soldiers that comprise Lebanon's armed forces represent the country's cultural and religious diversity.

Al-Qaeda arms cache seized in Yemen's Abyan

Security Belt Forces captured an al-Qaeda camp in al-Mahfad and seized weapons and other items during a recent security operation.

Combined Task Force 150 boosts regional maritime security

Under the task force's command, a UK navy destroyer last month foiled two attempts to smuggle drugs in the Arabian Sea.

Kuwait increases diversity in its armed forces

Following a parliamentary decision to allow the stateless people known as 'bidoon' to enlist in the army, around 1,300 have been accepted.