Volunteers connect Syrian refugees with services in Lebanon

Syrian refugees have been volunteering their time to help families residing in camps in Lebanon ensure their various needs are met.

UN, Syrian organisations support returning refugees

The UN and partner organisations are providing support to families as they resettle in their original areas of residence.

Lebanon’s Syrian refugees hope to return home

86% of Syrian refugees long to return to their homeland, according to a recent UN survey.

Jordan plan supports comprehensive response to Syria crisis in 2019

The $2.4 billion Jordan Response Platform funds programmes that build resilience within Syrian refugee and Jordanian host communities.

UAE, Saudi Arabia distribute winter aid in Lebanon

The Gulf states have stepped in to deliver humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees following a shortfall in international support.

$2.6 billion sought for Lebanon crisis response

The Lebanese government has appealed for funds to deliver humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees and support host communities.

Beirut hosts Arab Economic and Social Development Summit

Arab states urged the international community to 'redouble collective efforts' to support host countries and help Syrian refugees return.

Jordan plan for Syrian refugees fell short in 2018

The kingdom did not receive the full amount of funding it asked for last year to help it bear the burden of hosting Syrian refugees.

Syrian refugees sink deeper into debt: UN study

A new study shows 88% of Syrian refugee families residing in Lebanon are living in debt and have resorted to 'negative coping strategies'.

Upcycling project transforms lives in Sidon

The Azm al-Shabab project has been helping Syrian refugees and Lebanese nationals create objects of beauty and utility from waste materials.

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