Human Rights

Yemen urges UN to intervene in Hajur district

Yemen's Ministry of Human Rights has declared the Hajjah province district of Hajur a disaster area, and has urged the UN to intervene.

UN raises $2.6 billion at Yemen donor conference

The pledges come on the same day the UN announced its teams had been able to reach vital food aid warehouses in the port city of al-Hodeidah.

Al-Hodeidah's displaced face continued hardship

More than one million people have been displaced from the Red Sea province over the last six months as the situation remains unstable.

UN proposes safe passages in al-Hodeidah

The head of the UN observer mission in Yemen has called for international forces to manage isolated areas in the city and for the opening of safe corridors.

'Food is a weapon': Fight over Yemen granary tests truce

The Red Sea Mills in al-Hodeidah, which holds wheat that could feed nearly 4 million Yemenis and was rigged heavily with mines by the Houthis, remains off-limit to aid organisations.

Houthis 'unrivaled in committing human rights abuses': official

The Houthis' planting of mines and recruitment of child soldiers were unparalleled in 2018, an official with the national human rights committee said.

UN aid delivery to Syria continues via Jordan

The UN on December 9th began an exceptional aid delivery via the Nassib-Jaber crossing, the first such delivery since June 25th.

Saudi, UAE initiative tackles Yemen food crisis

The $500 million 'Imdad' initiative will deliver food aid to women, children and the most vulnerable segments of Yemen's population.

Book documents detainees who died under torture in Syrian regime prisons

A new book by Syrian author Ghada Bakir tells the stories of Syrian regime detainees' lives from childhood to martyrdom.

Aid groups plead for safe passage for Yemen civilians

Civilians in the port city of al-Hodeidah will 'pay a terrible price' unless the warring parties act immediately to protect them, agencies say.

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