Al-Qaeda, ISIS rivalry in Yemen degrades both: analysts

Experts say the escalating conflict between the two extremist groups in al-Bayda is contributing to the success of counter-terror efforts.

French forces continue fight against ISIS in the region

The French navy's contributions to the international coalition continue unabated to defeat ISIS's sleeper cells and the group's ideological extensions.

Al-Qaeda launches failed attack on Security Belt Forces in al-Mahfad

The group planted an IED on the main road in al-Mahfad but it exploded before the Security Belt Forces convoy had reached it.

ISIS attempt to rally in Yemen doomed to fail: analysts

The group's efforts to establish a stronghold in the province are doomed to fail, analysts say, and merely serve as a sign of its struggles.

Al-Qaeda ambushes Yemeni forces in Hadramaut

Yemeni soldiers escorting humanitarian aid workers were targeted by a bomb planted in the city of Seyoun.

ISIS, al-Qaeda clash again in Yemen's al-Bayda

The two extremist groups continue to battle for dominance in al-Humaydah district, with ISIS retaking territory captured by al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda, ISIS clash in Yemen's al-Qayfa

The two groups have been vying for influence in al-Bayda province, especially after the losses AQAP has suffered in other Yemeni provinces.

Iran funnels lethal aid to Syria, destabilising region

By supplying weapons to its proxies and affiliates in Syria and the Middle East, the IRGC has been undermining regional security, experts say.

Arab leaders, religious authorities condemn New Zealand attack

Political and religious leaders across the region and world have denounced the attack, which killed 49 people at two mosques in Christchurch.

Al-Qaeda attacks Security Belt Forces in Abyan

A mortar was fired on a meeting attended by local and Security Belt Forces commanders at a camp in al-Mahfad district.