Artists paint murals of hopes and fears in war-torn Yemen

Young artists who participated in an open-air exhibition in Sanaa painted murals that reflect the impact of the war on their society.

Lebanon welcomes British ban of Hizbullah

Lebanese politicians say the British parliament's decision is entirely appropriate and will help their country restore its sovereignty.

Egypt takes steps towards eliminating slums

The government has begun to move residents out of unsafe slums and informal settlements in some areas and improve conditions in others.

Syrian refugees brave another winter storm in Lebanon

After snowstorm Norma battered Lebanon last week, Syrian refugees braced themselves for a second storm that brought with it strong winds and snowfall.

Emirati Red Crescent helps to stabilise Yemen

The Red Crescent has rehabilitated infrastructure and is helping to provide basic services in areas liberated from the Houthis.

Blinded in war, former Syrian fighter guides others with app

Ahmad Talha lost his eyesight four years ago in the Syrian war. Today, he is helping a dozen others like him to better navigate their smartphones using a screen reader app.

Lebanese nonprofit rehabilitates violence-scarred Tripoli districts

With the help of a group of volunteers, Farah al-Ataa has been repairing residential buildings in Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen districts.

Kobani celebrates International Day honouring resistance against ISIS

The November 1st event featured musical ensembles singing traditional and revolutionary songs, and a photo exhibit documenting the military operations against ISIS.

Lebanon seeks to curb poverty

As poverty rates are expected to rise based on economic indicators, Lebanon's Ministry of Social Affairs is implementing various programmes to help the country's most destitute.

Jordan festival aims to curb violence against children

'The Adventures of Looney Balloony' festival uses cartoon characters to promote positive parenting and raise awareness about child violence.

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