Gas shortages in Sanaa as black market thrives

Fuel is not available for purchase at many gas stations, though it can be found in abundance on the Houthi-run black market, residents say.

Gas rationing hits war-weary Damascus cab drivers

Long lines at the capital's gas stations are the latest sign of a fuel crisis hitting regime-held parts of Syria, with a new cap set on consumption.

Iran dam construction reduces Iraq water supply

Iran has been constructing dams that restrict the flow of water to Iraq and have deprived Iraqis of critical water resources, experts say.

'Cedre' projects aim to create jobs for Lebanese, Syrian refugees

The nearly 250 projects endorsed by the conference will provide thousands of jobs to Lebanese youth and employ refugees as well.

Economic crisis pushes Iranian regime to the brink

As Iran grapples with a burgeoning economic crisis, its people are taking to the streets to demand that the regime focus on domestic woes.

Cash-for-work programme empowers Yemenis in Abyan

The programme will provide job opportunities and aid to vulnerable communities in Zinjibar and Khanfar districts, and help curb recruitment into the ranks of extremist groups.

Yemen's government approves 2019 budget

Oil and gas revenues are expected to account for 32% of the 2019 budget, which is set at 3.1 trillion Yemeni riyals and projects a 30% deficit.

Jordan, Iraq enter into energy, trade agreements

The two governments signed new agreements to strengthen trade and energy co-operation and stimulate transport and trucking activity.

Egypt resumes natural gas exports to Jordan

The two countries signed an agreement in January whereby Egypt will export to the kingdom half of its daily needs for gas throughout 2019.

Jordan takes steps to improve water security

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation has unveiled a plan to build 11 dams this year in an effort to increase its harvesting of water resources.

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