Attacks on Saudi airport 'dangerous escalation'

Jordan and Egypt were among the countries that on Tuesday (July 2nd) condemned an attack by the Iran-backed Houthis (Ansarallah) in which Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia was targeted for the third time.

Nine civilians were injured in the latest attack, which the US said had been carried out with "Iranian-made weapons and technology", AFP reported.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry condemned the drone attack in the strongest terms, Ahram Online reported.

Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesman Sufian Qudah said the continuation of attacks by the Houthis on airports and civilians is a "dangerous escalation" that transgresses international laws and conventions, the Jordan Times reported.

Qudah affirmed Jordan’s support for Saudi Arabia in its efforts to maintain security and combat all forms of terrorism, a Foreign Ministry statement said.

In a June 18th meeting with a delegation from the Saudi Shura Council, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz stated that "Saudi Arabia’s security is an integral part of Jordan’s security".

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