Egypt parliament to vote on extending al-Sisi's rule

Egypt's parliament began Tuesday (April 16th) a session to vote on changes to the constitution that could keep current president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in power until 2030, AFP reported.

The proposed amendments were initially introduced in February by a parliamentary bloc supportive of al-Sisi and updated this week after several rounds of debates.

It includes changing Article 140 of the constitution to allow the Egyptian president to extend his current four-year term, which ends in 2022, by two years.

A further change would permit al-Sisi to stand for another six-year term and potentially remain president until 2030.

Pro-Sisi member of parliament Mostafa Bakry told AFP that the session "had started" and that the final voting in the 596-seat parliament would be held "later today".

The vote is expected to be swift, and if it is passed by a majority of two thirds, parliament will then hold a referendum in which Egyptians will vote on the raft of amendments.

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