Egypt, France kick off joint training drill ‘Ramsis 2019’

Egypt and France have kicked off the "Ramsis 2019" joint naval and air military exercise with participation from the naval, air and special naval forces of both countries, Egypt’s Ahram Online reported Tuesday (July 2nd).

This annual joint drill is designed to strengthen and boost military co-operation.

Egyptian armed forces spokesman Tamer al-Refaie said the French side is participating with aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and its combat group, plus a number of Rafale fighter jets.

The Egyptian side is joining the drills with a maritime formation of frigates and a number of F-16 fighter jets and Rafales, he said.

The drill includes a number of activities which contribute to unifying operational concepts and abilities to plan and monitor joint naval and air combat.

It aims to enhance the skills of participating joint naval and air forces and facilitate an exchange of combat and field experience to face common threats.

The training is part of the "growing military partnership and co-operation between the Egyptian and French armed forces", al-Refaie said, and will enhance capabilities to counter challenges facing regional maritime security.

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