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US offers up to $1 million reward for information on Hamza bin Laden

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Hamza bin Laden and his late father, Osama, are shown in undated photos. [File]

The US is offering up to $1 million for information that would bring to justice Hamza bin Laden, the son of late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

If you have information, please contact the nearest US embassy or consulate, email [email protected] or visit the Rewards for Justice website.

Hamza, 30, is emerging as a leader in the al-Qaeda franchise, the State Department says.

He has released audio and video messages on the internet, calling on his followers to strike the US and its Western allies, and threatened attacks against the US in revenge for the May 2011 killing of his father by US military forces.

Hamza married the daughter of Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker of al-Qaeda's September 2001 airline terrorist attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 people and injured over 6,000.

Osama bin Laden was grooming Hamza to succeed him someday, according to Osama's letters seized from the Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound where he was killed.

Where is Hamza?

The location of Hamza has been the subject of speculation for years with reports of him living in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria or under house arrest in Iran.

He is believed to have spent years in Iran alongside his mother, despite al-Qaeda's strident denunciations of the Shia branch of Islam that dominates the country.

Some observers say that the regime in Tehran kept him under house arrest as a way to maintain pressure on rival Saudi Arabia as well as on al-Qaeda, dissuading the Sunni militants from attacking Iran.

However, others say that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has strong ties with al-Qaeda, as evidenced by Iran's hosting of a large number of al-Qaeda elements on the run from international authorities.

One of Hamza bin Laden's half-brothers told the London-based newspaper The Guardian last year that Hamza's whereabouts were unknown but that he may be in Afghanistan.

Over the past years, al-Qaeda has been struggling to maintain relevance in the public eye.

On the 17th anniversary of 9/11, the organisation resorted to issuing a public statement reiterating its responsibility for the atrocities and slamming all those who believe otherwise.

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Bubble | 2019-03-17

We know that Bin Laden's tentacles are going to be activated within the next 25 days in West Bank, Golan Heights, as well as in all borders.

Bubble | 2019-03-14

These are all roles played by America and Israel and their agents in the world under the auspices of the Zionist lobby (global Masonry). We have nothing to do with this. Wish you well, you Arabians!

Bubble | 2019-03-13

I can name it’s city and street.

Bubble | 2019-03-13

We’ll be with anyone against America for the last drop of our blood.

Bubble | 2019-03-12

Wish all that is said is true.

Bubble | 2019-03-11

Don’t believe them. Ben Laden is a loyal servant of America who brought them to Afghanistan and Iraq and then died in mysterious conditions. His body was never found because he wasn’t killed. He’s now living in America using a different ID and different looks. The rumors about his son Hamzah are also part of the same plot for a new invasion of another country.

Bubble reply icon | 2019-03-12

Strange words!

Bubble | 2019-03-11

I don't know which one.

Bubble | 2019-03-09

Present in Yemen.

Bubble | 2019-03-09

What do you want? Is this a new intelligence game to humiliate the Muslim nation and delay its revival? To the Zionist, Evangelical US administration, may God shame you, together with the dolls you’ve installed to be your panders in our country! May God return your malice to your throats, and relieve the entire mankind of your criminal regime! On the World Women Day, have mercy on more than 30 million women in your country who have no shelter or anyone to care for them.

Bubble | 2019-03-08

This article is very good.

Bubble | 2019-03-07

Ben Laden isn’t in Iran or Afghanistan. I know where he is exactly, but I fear God, and therefore, I can’t sell him.

Bubble reply icon | 2019-03-11

He’s in Khuru in Yemen. If you gave me his weight worth of gold, I won’t sell him. [Gibberish]. This is because he’s a Muslim man, and no Muslim would sell his Muslim brother.

Bubble reply icon | 2019-03-16

Unfortunately, money has surpassed God a long time ago.