Saudi, UAE issue joint call to end south Yemen fighting

Saudi Arabia and the UAE on Sunday (September 8th) renewed a call for dialogue between the Yemeni government and southern separatists, AFP reported.

In a joint statement released by both countries' state media, the Gulf powers "reaffirmed continued support for the legitimate government of Yemen".

The two countries called on the warring parties to immediately cease "all military operations" and "stop media propaganda" that fuels hostilities, the statement added.

Last month, fighting between separatists and supporters of the Yemeni government opened a new front in Yemen's complex war.

The Security Belt Forces -- dominated by the Southern Transitional Council -- took control of Aden, which has served as the government's base since it was ousted from Sanaa by the Iran-backed Houthis (Ansarallah) in 2014.

Last week, Saudi Arabia issued a warning to the UAE-backed separatists, saying any attempt to destabilise Yemen amounted to a threat to the kingdom, while stressing there was "no alternative" to the government.

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