UN appeals for record $4 billion to help Yemeni people

The Yemen 2019 appeal, the UN's largest such appeal for a country to date, comes at a time when the WFP is accusing the Houthis of diverting humanitarian aid.

EU ups contribution to Lebanon's health sector

The EU is increasing its contribution to a $196 million investment package to strengthen Lebanon's health sector and help prevent diseases.

Yemen government calls on Houthis to release wheat

As the UN warns of the growing risk of famine, Yemen has called on the Iran-backed militia to release 51,000 tonnes of wheat it is holding.

Saudi Arabia takes measures to prevent MERS

The Ministry of Health has taken a series of measures to contain the spread of the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus.

EU-funded programme supports Lebanon's health sector

The new programme ensures more than 500,000 vulnerable persons can benefit from high-quality and affordable medical services.

ICRC pulls dozens of its staff out of Yemen

'The security of our staff, who are being intimidated by parties to the conflict, is a non-negotiable prerequisite for our presence' the ICRC said.

Lebanon conducts measles vaccination drive

In the first three months of 2018, hospitals and clinics recorded 184 cases, with the actual number of measles infections thought to be higher.

Jordan 3D lab prints limbs for war wounded

A low-cost prosthetics production centre in Irbid has been helping those who lost limbs in the region's wars regain mobility.

Yemen works to contain diphtheria outbreak

Yemen's Ministry of Public Health has been working with international organisations to provide vaccinations and treatment in Ibb province.

Bekaa residents protest Litani River pollution

The planned opening of a wastewater treatment plant in Zahle is a positive step, but much more must be done to clean up the river.

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