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Central Bank of Lebanon tightens rules for electronic transfers

A new Central Bank of Lebanon ruling that restricts electronic cash transfers to the Lebanese pound will help combat money laundering.

WFP slams Houthis' misuse of Yemen food aid

Many residents of areas controlled by the Iran-backed militia have not been receiving food aid, while others have only received partial rations.

Egypt sentences 8 ISIS elements to death over attack

The ISIS elements were sentenced to death for the 2016 murder of 14 military personnel and the attempted murder of 16 others.

Iran-backed Houthis torch mosque in Yemen's Dhamar

The incident has sparked widespread outrage, with observers criticizing the militia's attempts to forcibly impose its ideology on the people.

Son of Lebanon's slain al-Hariri demands 'justice' as trial wraps up

The UN-backed tribunal into the bombing that killed Rafiq al-Hariri in 2005 is trying four Hizbullah suspects even though they are not present.

Lebanon cracks down on Captagon trafficking

The Syrian war has exacerbated Lebanon's drug manufacturing and exporting problem, as fighters use pills to cope with the horrors of battle.

Yemen cracks down on antiquities smuggling

Yemen is seeking to enter into agreements with neighbouring countries to combat the smuggling of antiquities across its land and sea borders.

Sanctions target Hizbullah financier affiliates

New sanctions that target individuals and entities linked to a top Hizbullah financier are part of a worldwide crackdown on money laundering.

Narco-terrorism task force arrives in Beirut

A team established by the US Department of Justice has arrived in Beirut to begin its investigations into Hizbullah's narcotics networks.

Iran's support for Houthis hurts Yemen economy

The US Treasury recently imposed sanctions on a network involved in a large-scale scheme to help the IRGC counterfeit Yemeni currency.

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