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Saudis hail historic end of driving ban

By Sultan al-Barei in Riyadh and AFP

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A female Saudi activist drives a car in 2016 as part of a call for ending the ban on women driving. On September 26th, King Salman issued a decree lifting the ban on driving. [Photo courtesy of Saudi activist Manal al-Sharif]

Saudi Arabia's historic decision Tuesday (September 26th) to allow women to drive won plaudits internationally and inside the kingdom, as euphoria mixed with disbelief among activists who long called for ending the ban.

King Salman's decree will take effect next June, as the kingdom will expand licensing facilities and develop the infrastructure to accommodate millions of new drivers, state media said.

The decision to allow women to drive is "bold and decisive", Umm al-Qura University professor Abdullah al-Muqrin told Al-Mashareq.

The decision comes at exactly the right time, said Rashid Al-Toukhi, editor-in-chief of the international al-Waqaee magazine and director of al-Waqaee Institute for Media Studies and Publishing.

Lifting the ban had become a pressing demand and an economic and social need, he told Al-Mashareq.

"More than 1.5 million foreign drivers work in Saudi Arabia and make together more than 25 billion Saudi riyals ($6.6 billion) annually," he said, adding that this money will gradually be saved as more women start driving and the need for drivers decreases.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency posted statement after statement of approval from officials and provincial governors in the wake of the royal decree.

Even the kingdom's highest religious body said the majority of its members had accepted that women driving was "permissible".

Women express their joy at decree

Journalist Radwa al-Dosari told Al-Mashareq she cannot express her joy at the decision.

"It has been like a complete dream," she said.

"A glorious day. Cannot hold back my tears," tweeted Saudi shura council member Latifah Alshaalan. "Congratulations to the women of my homeland."

"I have not slept since last night," exclaimed Nora, her eyes glowing, rimmed with black liner.

Though she wore a black niqab which concealed most of her face, Nora's excitement on Wednesday was infectious.

"I am 27 years old and I have been waiting ages for this decision. Now it is finally a reality, and I cannot wait for it to come into effect in nine months," she told AFP.

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| 2018-12-24

Cap of 2018: What’s the level of gender equality? Are women in general satisfied with this result? Have they received their right to inheritance, work, home, street and everywhere?

In my opinion, there are many women who have achieved nothing because of fear. They’re afraid of confrontation, and therefore they just raise the white flag and say, “what can we do? This is our fate. Why is the world different for me as compared to others?’ Yes, lady, others have courage, strength, and resilience in asking for their rights without fear.

As long as this is a legitimate and moral right, why aren’t you defending it? Don’t give up. Ask. Don’t be hesitant.

If you don’t ask for and defend your rights, what do you expect to happen to you? You alone can make change happen and defend your rights and yourself.

At your work, employers have many means to expel you from work. You fear dismissal from job as life is tough. You can’t find another job easily. However, this concession on your part makes them more vicious in controlling women: they would give them no rights, pension, leaves of absence, or compensation. I know many cases. There are companies that control women in a very unjust and unbearable way.

That is why I raise this important issue: the exploitation of women at work. In 2019, my writings will focus on women’s right to work and the importance of giving them their rights as per law and norms without any exploitation from employers or their places of work.

Thank you!

Rostom Abu Amr, the number one defender of Arab women
Monday, 24/12/2018.
Happy New Year!

| 2018-10-08

This is a good decision for them. It’s better for them this way than having drivers with them. This is closer to religion and Sharia. May God grant you success!

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2018-01-26

These are women in the open without home, living under the rain and brutal cold. They have no home, air conditioners, heaters, food or clothes.

Nobody hears them. Nobody gives them assistance or anything.

Where is the UN? Where are human rights organisations? They are only concerned with taking pictures, holding seminars and travelling. They would say they did this and that for women, but they actually gave to themselves, to their trips, clothes and seats. All of this is at the expense of poor women.

This is the reality. In fact, they’re all calling in the name of women who have suffered and are still suffering. They say what they don’t do.

Friday, January 26, 2018
Rustom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women.

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-12-27

By Rustom Abu Amr
The year is about to end and a new year will start. In every year, there are facts and dreams. To the people for whom we have all love and respect in our hearts, look to a new life. Don’t look back. This is a past that is painful to you. Just look above as you have your God who is merciful.
Many happy returns to all! We have to start a new page as of now without any defects.
My respects and appreciation!
Rustom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women
Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-12-22

By Rostom Abu Amr.

When one is sick, one stays in bed unable to move because of the disease. May God heal me and you!

I send my message to some men who don’t appreciate their wives and who treat them badly in front of their friends. Some say that they wouldn’t bear women to raise their heads, let alone their voices, in front of them. What does this mean?! They’re real men, aren’t they?!!! Seriously, this is the biggest farce. They consider what they’re doing to their wives to be cleverness and manliness, to insult their wives in front of their friends and family and people. However, when men brag about treating their wives in this horrible way before their friends, don’t they think about what those friends say about them? Do they love to see their own sisters treated the same way? And they claim to be men!!! No way! By God, I would go and hit them!

As those men don’t like their sisters to be mistreated, why should they mistreat their kind, giving wives? I swear that some men don’t deserve to have wives in the first place because they aren’t humans.

All men may have misunderstandings with their wives, but there must be civilised, refined dialogue between them. I as a supporter of women do admit I commit mistakes as I’m human. However, I do have a heart and conscience and I appreciate my wife and show her utmost respect and recognition for her concern, kindness and compassion for me. Women in general are full of compassion, love, tenderness and happiness. No matter how generous you are with your wife, she will be more generous and kinder.

My appreciation and respect first to my wife, and my thanks and appreciation to all my friends and all those who contacted networks to check on me!

Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women
Friday, December 22nd, 2017

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-12-15

Human dignity

Justice, equality, and freedom without any form of persecution, racism or oppression are the source.

Dignity means meeting the natural and necessary needs of man without racism, persecution or usurpation of human rights and dignity.

Manifestations of violation of human dignity: There are many manifestations of violation of human dignity by fellow men. Women are subjected to exclusion, marginalization, and oppression. The dignity of women is a red line.

Human dignity is an important issue that is discussed in international forums. And this broad term is one of the things that have been integrated in school curricula so a generation that is keen on dignity and rights is raised. Whoever is brought up to dignity when they’re young won’t accept to be insulted or humiliated when they grow up, as human dignity requires that they claim their rights and reject any form of injustice directed at them.

Currently, many peoples are subjected to attacks on their human dignity. Denial of the most basic rights which man deserves is deemed a stark attack on their rights.

Finally, can we admit today that there are invaluable things that society must assume responsibility for without looking for benefits? This is because things related to human dignity are not valued by money.

Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women
Friday, December 15th, 2017

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-12-05

By Rostom Abu Amr.

A woman’s cry: Am I without any legitimacy? They have stolen all of my rights

They accuse me of being deficient in mind. They attack my without any mercy, compassion or conscience.

I’m a human, exactly like them. I have dignity and rights. They see me as a body and intimate body parts. I’m a woman with an entity. I’m an Eve and not a devil. I’m a human being with feelings. I’m flesh and blood. I learn. I’ve learnt how to raise children and bring them up. I’ve made Adam a man with a standing. It’s about time you stood by my side rather than attacked me.

We can build an integrated society where our rights are equal. How can we ask for a free homeland when Adam and Eve are not in accord?

How and until when will women be denied their most basic legitimate rights? A just solution and gender equality is the right way to build an informed, educated society without any defects.

To be a man means to give women all their rights. This is by no means a gift from anyone, as women have a message.

My respects and appreciation for all. Thanks.

Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women, Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-12-04

By Rostom Abu Amr.

When man becomes harsh, he does injustice to the closest and dearest people. There are some people who, it seems, were created for the misery of some people. They have no compassion at their heart or mercy. They think they have power over people although nobody has asked them to have that.

There are some who exploit the poor, vulnerable people as if they were slaves and they were their owners. They walk happily on the ground. There are women, children and old people who nobody asks about or provide support to; they just offer them enmity, injustice, and hatred.

Others and I want to know why this continuous enmity. Aren’t they humans and equal? And don’t they have the right to live in dignity and freedom? It’s the duty of all to provide them with all humanitarian assistance. There are children and women who have an urgent need for treatment and clothes in this winter and cold. Where’s mercy? And they say why God Almighty is doing this to us. If God Almighty wants, He can wipe out the entire universe in a moment. However, God’s mercy is huge and it covers both heavens and earth.

I hope those who talk in the name of children and women will fear God.

Some of them don’t do what they say.

God’s peace and blessings be upon them!

Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women, Monday, December 4th, 2017

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-12-02

By Rostom Abu Amr Abul Saeed.

Peace be upon you! I thank you for raising this topic. For a while now, I’ve wanted to talk about this topic which is important to old men and women. I’ve heard a lot of stories about shelters for old people in one of the Arab countries. A woman called me and told me about a very horrible story.

Before I talk about the story, I’d like to thank the Sisterhood is Global Institute Jordan which took the initiative to raise such a very important issue.

Let’s go back to our story. There was a woman living at a shelter for the elderly. The old, sick woman was subjected to the most violent beating and insults. God is great! Those aren’t humans. An old woman is being exposed to violence, beating, and insults! May God avenge them! Rather than offer charitable services at the shelter, they torture and beat the old people there. Also, a virtuous woman from an Arab country called me to tell me about a horrible story in an orphanage. The despicable manager of the orphanage hit a girl with his leg at her belly, insulted and assaulted her. Those criminals must be brought to trial right away and the severest punishment must be imposed on them without any mercy or compassion because they forgot they were human. They assault, beat and torture young boys and girls. Isn’t it enough for those orphans to be denied the love of fathers, mothers and family?!

Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women, Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-30

By Rostom Abu Amr.

This is my story. I’m a woman who got married when I was 17 years old. I’m from a very conservative family. I’m educated, cultured and very beautiful. I say that with extreme modesty.

I loved my husband a lot. One year after our marriage, my love for my husband, who became all my life, became even stronger. I was very happy with him, and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

A while after giving birth, which was like a fantasy, my husband suddenly started to hate me. He wouldn’t talk to me, and wouldn’t even sleep at the same room where I and my daughter slept. Years passed by and he was like this; he would speak to me only when extremely necessary as if I wasn’t his wife or didn’t live at the same house with him. My daughter became 14. She was very good at school. I didn’t tell anyone about my story or sufferings until now.

I don’t know what to do or how to proceed. I love my husband a lot, but he doesn’t bear to look at my face. He comes home and leaves without even talking to me. There were no problems at all.

Family and people are asking me why I don’t get another child so the daughter can have a sister or a brother. I come up with excuses, telling them that I’m sick and I can’t have any children now. Of course, I’m lying, as I’m young and beautiful.

Even my family and neighbours know that I love my husband a lot and they envy me for him. This is because I never complained to anyone about my concerns or sufferings. They don’t know how much torture and suffering I’m having in this life. My life has become unbearable because of what’s he doing with me.

I’ve suffered a lot. Years have passed by while I endure my husband’s neglect of me and my daughter who is now a young woman.

Thank you.

Your miserable sister.


Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women, Thursday, November 30th, 2017

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-27

By Rostom Abu Amr

This is the story of a wife who was done injustice by her husband. It’s a sad, true story.

There was a refined woman to whom a groom proposed. After asking about the groom, marriage took place.

The wife was happy and glad, saying to herself, “Thank God for giving me a respectable husband who respects me and cares about me.” Days and months passed by, and when the husband returned home, his wife would receive him well and serve him in the best possible way. However, the husband would stay at home without talking to his wife. He wouldn’t even look at her face. He would just stay there, distracted. The wife would ask him what the matter was, and whether there were any problems. The husband would answer her that there was nothing. “Just go rest. Go to sleep. I don’t want to sleep now. I want to stay alone at the living room,” he would tell her.

It was the same story every day: the husband would return home and say nothing to his wife. He would just stay there alone, distracted as if he was living in another world.

Like always, he would tell her to go sleep and that he would come in a bit because he doesn’t feel asleep. He would then go out and stay at the living room. However, this time the wife decided to watch her husband to see what he was doing alone at the living room. She pretended to be asleep, and the husband made sure she was asleep. He went out and brought the phone. He called a woman and started to talk to that woman, telling her that he could no longer live without her, that he loved her and that they must get married, that he didn’t love his wife, that he married her (wife) to forget about her, but that he couldn’t forget her. The wife heard the entire call of her husband with that woman. She was shocked. She started to cry. He heard her and ended the call. She said to him, “Why do you betray me? I didn’t do anything to you.” He answered, “You misunderstood the story.” She said, “Misunderstood it? I heard the entire call.” She called her brother to come take her to her family’s house to live with them.

Her brother came and she went with him. Several weeks later, the wife found out she was four months pregnant. The husband said, “I promise you that I won’t speak to her.” He made many other promises to his wife.

Anyway, the wife returned to her husband’s home. Weeks later, the husband told his wife if …

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-24

By Rostom Abu Amr

I was reading some newspapers and leaflets of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. We were happy because they were saying that there is now an international day for eliminating violence against women. Bless you! Women are just waiting for an occasion like this; an awful occasion, the international day for violence against women! Women are subjected to violence, beating, killing, torture and rape every day. Women are also being displaced every day, and women and their children are made to look for foods and drinks.

However, women aren’t looking for occasions, days or such nonsense. Women need a tangible thing on the ground. The time of talking is over.

Women need support, backing, and safety, away from killing and destruction. Women need to live in freedom and peace, without beating, killing, harassment, or rape. Rape doesn’t mean a sexual act only, but means the usurpation of their legitimate rights.

Everyone, especially those who work at this or that organisation or association, or those who take part in this or that seminar, lecture, meeting, photograph session, travel, are doing this in the name of women just to benefit from that. They wear the most expensive clothes, eat the best food, stay at the most luxurious hotels, and travel first class on planes. They change clothes with each picture taken of them. They do this in the name of women, but they never give a part of the money they collect in the name of women. They should dedicate part of the money they get to needy women. There are women who need medicines and immediate treatment. There are crippled women who cannot move. Wars and setbacks are a main reason of what happened, and what is happening to women. However, you too are an integral part to what is happening to women. Everyone is ferociously usurping women’s rights. Yes, many of those who trade in the name of women are taking part in torturing, killing, and destroying women everywhere in the Arab world.

My respects and appreciation to all honest men and women who provide immediate assistance to women who need are in need of medicines, treatment, clothes, foods and drinks.

Thank you all!
Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women, Friday, November 24th, 2017

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-23

From here, I want to ask: Until when will women suffer in all respects? Will this suffering continue for many years to come? Aren’t the concerns and problems of this world enough? Isn’t it about time women lived happily and safely like all other humans? Or do they think that women come from another planet so they may prohibit and permit however they like? Women are created free and dignified like all of you, humans, and they have the right to full equality. Don’t women constitute half of society? They bring up, educate, work hard and sacrifice. They have offered a lot, really a lot, to others. Why do you force them into the most difficult of hardships? Why do you put obstacles, barriers and pumps in front of them? Instead of this, you should stand side by side with them.

Be realistic and clear. Neither party can do away with the other. This is the reality and fact that nobody can deny. Women’s rights should never be underestimated. They have the right, like you, to own, sell and buy, and to have their own decision without any pressures from anyone.

Don’t make big mistakes against women and girls. There are women who are ambassadors, writers, and poets. Some have also assumed very important positions.

We should be proud of Arab women and their many achievements. We should be respectful, aware and proud of what Arab women are doing in the great Arab world.

Finally, all respects and appreciation to Arab women.

Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women, Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-19

By Rostom Abu Amr. A girl had stomachache and her belly was enlarged. They took her to a doctor to see why she was in pain. After the examination, the doctor told her father and brother that she seemed to be pregnant and wanted to do some tests for her. They took her home while she was in great pain. She entered room with her father and brother, and they started to beat her up. They said she has brought disgrace to the family, and they hit her hard, calling her, "lowly and despicable." She was saying, "Dad, I'm innocent." She couldn't endure the extreme pain in her stomach. They continued to beat her harshly until she passed out. The poor girl couldn't bear the pain, humiliation and injustice. The doctor, who I don't want to insult because he is a fiasco in the first place, decided that the girl was pregnant before he did the necessary tests. Anyway, they called the ambulance, and took the girl to hospital while she was almost dead of the pain and beating from her father and brother. The pain in her belly was very strong. They did full tests for the poor girl at hospital when she was in a very critical condition, as she reached the hospital when she was almost dead. The tests finally proved that she had appendicitis, and that was why her stomach hurt her and was swollen. She wasn't pregnant as the doctor said to her father and brother. The truth was revealed to the father, that his daughter was honest and virgin, not pregnant. All that she had was appendicitis. The father started crying, saying, "My daughter, my daughter is innocent." Unfortunately, the girl died at the operating room. The cause was that fiasco doctor who rushed to tell her father without first checking his patient's condition. The fiasco doctor did her injustice and sentenced her to death, together with her father and brother, who tortured her to death. They finally found out the truth, but too late. The girl died of injustice after they suspected her honour and dignity. How horrible injustice is! May God avenge those who did her injustice and those who were behind the death of that honest, pure girl!

God suffices me and He is the best disposer of affairs against each and every one of them!
Best regards,

اليماني | 2017-11-17

To lead or not to lead, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is the real Islamic principles.

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-16

Everyone must provide as much help as possible and as soon as possible to women affected by wars. There are women who are in need of medicines, treatment, clothes, security and safety. Have feelings and senses become so frozen that nobody wants to bear responsibility to support women?

Where's society? Where are the peoples? Where's the human conscience? People are now only looking for their own personal interests. They're just talking in women's names, but there's nothing concrete on the ground.

Why there are many websites and conferences held for women but we only see non-important meetings?

Women need immediate and urgent intervention. There is rain and extreme cold, but people are just watching and doing nothing. Women's situation is facing a real danger.

My greetings and appreciations to you and to this highly esteemed venue.

Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women. Thursday, 16 November 2017.

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-14

Rostom Abu Amr Abu al-Saeed. Nobody cares about the sufferings of those women who are exposed to rape, humiliation, hunger, deprivation and insult. Until when will those who trade in women and in the name of women run after their personal interests? They say they did so and so and presented so and so in conferences and meetings. However, all this won't help women in the bad situation they are in, including rape, murder and destruction. No, they just travel, get pictures and eat at the expense of poor women who ISIS are kidnapping, raping, killing and torturing. Have feelings and senses gone that far in being senseless?! Stop trading in women. Stop talking as if you've already made women in the best situation! You're the main reason for women's sufferings in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and countries where there is war and destruction. Women are in a situation that doesn't require seminars and lectures. Women have had enough of this nonsense, lying promises and propaganda and nothing more. In conferences and meetings, you say we've done projects and decisions? What decisions? To destroy women? Look at what happened to women and their situation in the entire Arab world. What's happening to women is unjust. They just say they're offering everything to women, but nothing is being done for women. This is nonsense, nothing more or less. There is no financial or moral support, no treatment, no medicines, and no clothes. We're now in winter and it's very cold. Have mercy on those who are on earth so that who is in heaven may have mercy on you! Thanks! Rostom Abu Amr, the number one supporter of Arab women. Tuesday, 14 November 2017.

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-12

This is the story of a boy chatting with his friend. A 19-year old boy laughs over his idiocy while chatting with his friend about how he wants to get engaged at the end of this week. The friend asks him whether he knows what marriage means. The boy laughs and says, “Yes, I do. Who do you think I am?” The friend says, “Marriage is no game; it’s a major responsibility.” He said, “I know, my friend.” He continues to laugh while talking, which proves he doesn’t know what marriage means and what it means to build a family. Then the boy says to his friend, “Let me tell you something. It’s not my guilt. I’m 19, and the girl is 19. My father wants to have us marry, and what can I do? I’m like the leg of a chair at home; it’s my father who decides not me, and not even my mother. He just said to me that I will get married this week. Period.” The boy was talking to his friend while playing at the street with other boys although his wedding is at the end of week. Did you see what is happening? Neither the old man is awake nor the young man is aware; or else why should we hear stories of new divorces every day? Do you see now that it’s the families who decide who to marry and who to divorce? It’s a farce, really. Some families are destroying an entire generation because of their extremely old-fashioned mindset. Best regards, Rostom Abu Amr, the number-one supporter of Arab women, Sunday, 12/11/2017.

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-09

From here, I’d like to say enough with publicity, publications and nonsense. Those who claim to be working for women’s interests and for supporting women must also stop. Allow me to speak completely frankly and clearly. There are some websites which speak in women’s name and about women’s suffering, and which hold projects, seminars, lectures, videotaping, and promotions. They claim that all of this is for women’s interest. But no, and a thousand no. I’ve been following a lot of matters, and other friends have also been following. We engage in dialogue together. However, there is certainly nothing taking place; they just hold conferences, interviews, and seminars and then travel. They do this at the expense of women who are suffering from the pain; they’re homeless and fatherless and have no place to live at with their children. They just go around streets, looking for a source of living so they and their children may find something to eat, get cover from extreme cold and get shelter from astray dogs here and there. Nobody is asking about them in those seminars that are destructive to women’s rights; they just offer pictures and talk about how they did and sacrificed for women. No and a thousand no. Women need medicines, assistance, and clothes now that we’re about to enter the extremely cold winter. Stop trading at the expense of poor women. I ask all to shoulder full responsibility, as the situation of women is very tough and immediate, swift and urgent action is needed.

From here, I call for swift action because there are women who have urgent need for treatment, medicines, clothes, food and drink. O, you who claim to be providing material and moral support to needy women, what are you doing? You just deceive them with some words and letters and don’t feel ashamed while being photographed. This is nonsense that actually harms women and benefits you and your personal interests in the name of homeless, needy, poor women.

At the request of many women, I’m writing in their name, and if this situation continues, I’ll kick off a large-scale, aggressive media campaign on the highest levels.

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-11-05

Dignified Saudi women are regaining their rights gradually, and they now have a tangible impact on reality which everyone has attested to. Best regards, thanks. Rostom Abu Omar, the first supporter of Arab women. Sunday, November 5th, 2017.

Rasha | 2017-11-03

Against driving in general.

عبدالعزيزصالح | 2017-11-02

No objections against women driving cars as long as the Islamic rules are complied with.

ابو وليد | 2017-10-31

Women in general will drive cars. No problem. However, people in our country are not developed and wise enough like Bahrain or Kuwait, and therefore, there will be problems, accidents and other things, like sexual harassment and very bad things. You’ll blame the youth for this problem. As you know, the Kingdom is very big. What will happen when a young girl who is very beautiful, wears a lot of makeup, doesn’t wear a full niqab and wears a tight abaya? Accidents and sexual harassment will increase. Therefore, strict laws must be put in place for this in the Islamic law. The entire body of a woman contains private parts and women must wear niqab and black gloves and the only part that should appear of her body is their eyes. Even the hair must be fully covered, like what our mothers and grandmothers did, and still do, and as the Prophet (PBUH) ordered us millions of years ago. Therefore, driving will cause no harm as long as the necessary requirements are met.

ابو عبدالله | 2017-10-28

Yes, [gibberish], you said the truth. This decision came at exactly the right time after the nation's faith became less. God suffices me and He is the best disposer of affairs.

رستم ابوعمرو مناصر الاول للمرأة العربية | 2017-10-26

From here, I'd like to thank you for your huge efforts. Best regards, Rostom Abu Omar, an early advocate of Arab women, Thursday (October 26th, 2017).

mamoon | 2017-10-24

Driving for women is unsuitable/suitable in terms of returning to private drivers. Why not have drivers from the same family?

خالد المالكي | 2017-10-24

Let your sister, wife and mother go to the street to flirt with young men without anyone saying anything about it. Let young men bother them while you just ignore it, o, you who lack manners and religion. He says that most of the people support the decision. You're a liar, bastard.

| 2017-10-23

May God spare us the evils of sedition, whether known or unknown!

Safaari axmdd | 2017-10-22

May God burn you now, o, Saudis! There is no use in war.

abdullah | 2017-10-19

When women drive cars, it'll be much better than using drivers.

بنت الغربية | 2017-10-02

Its harms are more than its benefits.

محمودسليمان | 2017-10-02


غيوره على ديني | 2017-10-01

May God spare us the evil of sedition, whether known or unknown!

shaibali | 2017-09-30

Brother, Younis bin Mohammed and Hashem bin al-Qassim said that Saleh al-Merri cited Saeed al-Jariri who cited Abi Othman al-Nahdi who cited Abi Horayra as saying that God’s Prophet (PBUH) said, “If your leaders are good, your rich people are generous and you consult among each other, then the face of the earth is better for you than underground. However, if your leaders are evil, your rich people are stingy and your affairs are at the hands of women, then underground is better for you than the face of the earth.